Captain Lewis Stone
Captain Lewis Stone 1




Green Eyes, Dark hair


US Army Air Force



Captain Lewis Stone is an American air pilot and the main protoganist of Prisoner of War. Caught by the Germans and brought to a small holding camp, Captian Stone attempts to escape the diffrent camps he has been brought to. 


J.D- Stone's friend and ally throughout his air force career ending at the small holding camp. Stone and J.D work together to escape the camp. When J.D dies, Stone swears revenge against the man who killed him. 

Roger Harding- Although Harding was cold to Stone at the start, over time they have grown to a somewhat friendship, as seen when Stone hesitates leaving Harding for good.

General Stahl- The leading general of the German army and the man who killed J.D. Stone swears revenge against the general and ends up killing him by knocking him off the ledge with the glider.

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