"Currency is what we call any contraband we manage to retrieve from the more 'illegal' areas of the camp. You know, chocolate, brandy, cigarettes, that kind of thing. Some things are more valuable than others, of course"

-Sergeant Jimmy O'Brien

Currency is the main source of money in Prisoner of War. It's used to buy goods off vendors, bribe guards and much more.

Good Sources of CurrencyEdit

Holding Camp:

Sickbay - Take 50 currency during the main campaign.

Stalag Luft:

Kommandant's Building- Large amounts of currency and other helpful items can be found.

Construction Compound- The closer (and safer) alternative for currency found West of the barracks.

Mess Hall- The chef's kitchen provides a small source of currency.

To be continued..


  • Sergeant O'Brien bribes a guard with the fifty currency you give him. If you lose any items from the guards, he can give the items back to you.
  • If one were to collect currency from a certain location, and then get captured by the guards, the currency would respawn, resulting in an endless amount of currency.