"I am not interested. Go away."


The guards (also known as German Guards, Camp Guards, Jerry, the Krauts and more) are the main enemy you will see throughout the game. They are simple enemies that can be easily outwit. The Patrol Guard Uniform can be used to outsmart the simple guard. Their commanding officers are the lieutenant and the kommandant.

Tips for GuardsEdit

  • In normal perception, guards can only see what is in their point of view (yellow cone).
  • Guards can be fooled by throwing stones at certain items (barrels, certain boxes, vases, throwing stones at the guard himself ect.) and hiding under or in objects (under trucks, cars and tables, and hiding in closets).
  • Guards in watchtowers can see further than guards on foot (although breaking the light with a slingshot may help).
  • There are three certain individual prisoners at almost every camp that can distract the guards for twenty five currency


  • At your first time at Colditz, instead of the normal guard outfit, the guards wear heavy coats due to the winter.