"Very fetching, Capitane. Perhaps you should consider switching sides?"

-Xavier DuChamp

The Patrol Guard Uniform is a trick that Captian Stone can use to disguise himself from other German guards. It is only necessary in one objective, although it is optional in other objectives.


Holding Camp: The Holding Camp doesn't have a Patrol Guard Uniform for use.

Stalag Luft: Two can be found here. One in the laundry structure, and one in German Store.

Colditz: One can be found in the laundry room.

Stalag Luft: The uniforms can be found in the same locations as last time. 

Colditz: The uniform is actually easier to get to this time, as it is one room before the room it was the last time.


Talking to diffrent people while wearing the uniform will cause comments about it.

Stalag Luft (Prisoner of War):

  • "Is that you, Stone? Jolly effective disguise! Jolly effective!" -James Temple-Smithson
  • "Perhaps that uniform suits you a little too well, Captain." -Nicoli Radtke
  • "You're a canny one, sir. You really had me going." -Peter Nesbitt
  • "Captain? Is that you? Heh! You sure fooled me." -John McCormack

Colditz (Castle Colditz);

  • "Very dashing, Captian. But I think there is the small piece of fluff on the sleeve..."-Henri Dubois
  • "Looks like a good fit, Stone. Just don't get too close to the guards." -William Kingsley
  • "Oh, I say, sir. That's an awfully clever disguise"-Reginald Worthington
  • "Woah. You really took me in for a second there, Captian."-Micheal Kapowski
  • "Many have tried the uniform trick, but you pull it off better than most."-Cameron 'Doc' Winters

Lieutenant's UniformEdit

At your second visit to Stalag Luft, you have the option to get a Lieutenant's Uniform. This surpasses the Patrol Guard Uniform by allowing not even lieutenants to see pass your disguise, although all the other rules still apply. The only people that can see pass this disguise is the lieutenat manning the radio (the gray lieutenant) and the Kommandant himself.


  • One cannot run while in sight of other guards.
  • Lieutenants or Kommandants cannot be fooled by this trick.
  • One also cannot be seen holding hand objects within the sights of guards.
  • If one were to play on High Perception, even normal guards won't be fooled.


  • At your first time at Colditz, the guards wear a coat over their uniforms due to the winter.
  • At Colditz, after giving your plain uniform suit to Harding, he will walk out with the coated uniform the other guards wear, although this wasn't included with the suit you just gave him. Most likely an oversight by the developers.